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Residential Closings

We are excited to be working with you on your real estate transaction!  Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or real estate agent/broker, our goal is to provide all parties to the transaction with exceptional service and to surpass every expectation.

We have a duty that goes beyond merely what takes place at the closing table

Since the inception of our Residential Real Estate closing practice, we have been committed to providing the best real estate closing experience possible. We demonstrate this commitment by delivering the highest quality legal service while controlling the cost of our services and remaining focused on the needs and goals of clients.  Our clients are entitled to attention to individual preferences, accessibility to attorneys and staff, and above all, good communication. We believe that as attorneys, we have a duty that goes beyond merely what takes place at the closing table.

We understand that there is an element of uncertainty and nervousness that goes along with a residential real estate closing.  We’ve tried to develop our three-step process to alleviate some of that uncertainty and nervousness, and we’ve included those steps below — along with our Frequently Asked Questions — in an effort to facilitate communication and expedite the process toward a successful closing.  However, if and when other questions arise, call our office at (404) 814-9080 and we’d be happy to speak to you.

Step 1 - Gather Necessary Information

We need to compile the information necessary to complete the closing and the sooner the information is received by us, the easier it will be for us to provide you with the exceptional closing experience that you expect and deserve. So, if you are a Buyer/Borrower or a Seller, you can download your specific information sheets by clicking in the sidebar of this page.

Step 2 - The Closing Checklist

We've created closing checklists for buyers, sellers and agents which will help you manage your part of the upcoming closing and insure an efficient and seamless closing for all parties. Access and print off the Checklist Items for Closing in the sidebar of this page.

Step 3 - Choose an Office

Decide which office location works best for your closing. Choose from one of our multiple office locations and find to links to google maps with directions for any office. Be sure to coordinate the office choice with all of the parties to your transaction. Downloadable directions are located in the sidebar of the page.

Kimberly E. Alston

Managing Attorney - Buckhead Real Estate
Buckhead Closings p: 770-674-8862 f: 770-674-8862
Buford p: 678-389-9821 f: 678-389-9821
Conyers p: 770-602-9924 f: 770-602-9926
Northlake Tucker p: 678-619-2188 f: 678-619-2188
Suwanee p: 770-450-4375 f: 770-450-4375
Winder p: 678-269-4758 f: 678-269-4758
Marietta p: 770-450-6290 f: 770-450-6290
Alpharetta Main Office p: 770-685-7000 f: 770-685-7059
Newnan p: 470-317-7697 f: 470-317-7697
Alpharetta Main Office p: 770-685-7000 f: 770-685-7002
Douglasville p: 770-515-9940 f: 770-515-9940
Newnan p: 470-317-2142 f: 470-317-2142
Alpharetta Main Office p: 770-685-7000 f: 770-685-7002

Laurie Partain Lunsford

Managing Attorney - Athens Real Estate
Athens Closings p: 706-510-2786 f: 706-510-2786
Northlake Tucker p: 770-674-8862 f: 770-674-8862
Camp Creek p: 678-273-3672 f: 678-273-3672
Loganville p: 678-249-3486 f: 678-249-3486

Carlton H. Morse, Jr.

Managing Attorney - Stockbridge Real Estate
Stockbridge p: 470-427-2560 f: 470-427-2560
Buford p: 678-389-9828 f: 678-389-9828
Alpharetta Main Office p: 770-450-6290 f: 770-450-6290

Richard B. Russell, Jr.

Managing Attorney - Winder Real Estate
Winder p: 678-269-1138 f: 678-269-1138
Marietta p: 770-450-6290 f: 770-450-6290
Marietta p: 770-685-7000 f: 770-685-7002
Douglasville p: 770-515-9940 f: 770-515-9940
Buckhead Closings p: 770-450-6290 f: 770-450-6290