Civil Litigation Defense

General and Premises Liability

General liability encompasses a wide range of claims arising out personal injury and property damage.  Our attorneys specialize in claims ranging from dog bits to motorcycle accidents to ATV and boating accidents and defending food-borne illness claims.  Premises liability law addresses the responsibilities of landowners, occupiers as well as those entering and using property. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter are well-versed in the different standards to which each entity or individual is held, dependent upon their status on the land.

Well-versed in the different standards to which each entity or individual is held

These cases can involve each of topics listed below and can range from minor injuries up to multiple deaths.  The most common of these claims are usually slip / trip-and-fall cases.  The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have defended such claims including wet floors, black ice, stairway defects, railing cases, uneven pavement, cracked benches and others.

Commercial Premises

Premises liability cases involving commercial property can be wide-ranging, including slip/trip-and-falls in stores, common areas or parking areas, falls down steps, negligent security or toxic or hazardous substances. Claims arising from commercial settings are oftentimes complex as they can involve an owner, a broker, a manager, and different classifications of occupiers. These cases can be further complicated as the defendants often desire to continue their business relationships with one another and avoid having that relationship soured with litigation. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have worked for years balancing the delicate nature of these relationships with the unique circumstances present in the litigation.

Dram Shop

The term dram shop is an old expression used to identify establishments that sold alcohol by the dram (a small amount of liquid). Dram Shop claims, sometimes referred to as hospitality laws, refer to the claims of liability against those who sell alcoholic beverages by the glass to customers, such as at a bar, restaurant, tavern, club, or pub or serve it to guests in their homes. In 2011, there were 277 alcohol-related fatalities on Georgia’s highways. This is 23% of all roadway fatalities that year. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have defended many of these suits and have the resources available to handle these large, complex matters.

Residential premises including apartments, condos, and their managing entities

Homeowners or renters are typically afforded coverage under their homeowners or renters policies for premises liability claims. However, individuals living in apartments, condominiums or townhouses face a unique set of facts as some areas within those dwellings are considered common areas. Lueder, Larkin & Hunter is uniquely adept at defending these claims as the firm was founded in Community Association law.

Negligent Security and Third-Party criminal acts

Premises owners or occupiers can face claims arising from injuries or deaths that occur on their property because of the criminal acts of third-parties or from their own alleged failure to use reasonable steps to prevent those crimes.

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