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Excess and Umbrella Liability

At Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC, we handle legal concerns in the fields of excess and umbrella liability. Our lawyers assist clients with a wide range of issues in the insurance industry. We have the resources and the knowledge to represent clients in large-scale, complex litigation. We provide legal counsel to help clients safeguard their financial stability. If you need experienced professionals to help you with litigation or advice related to excess insurance or reinsurance, contact us today.

We provide experienced insurance law professionals to protect your interests.

Liability umbrella insurance may be used to cover pollution damage, joint ventures, construction projects, punitive damages, and other risks not fully dealt with in a primary policy. Litigation in this area is often high-stakes, large-scale litigation concerning extensive damage. Whether the excess insurance is provided by an admitted, or non-admitted carrier, we provide experienced insurance law professionals to protect your interests. Determining whether coverage exists, and the extent of that coverage, is a serious issue that may affect your exposure on related policies. An excess liability insurance policy may be the subject of disputes as to coverage intent. These policies may contain broad wording which often leads to disagreements.

Reinsurance agreements are often detailed and may involve substantial sums of money. Disputes concerning reinsurers, ceding premiums, or the intended coverage may involve complex contract interpretation principles and a thorough understanding of the insurance industry. Our attorneys have broad experience in the business world and with insurance law, in particular. From monitoring the financial status of a reinsurer, to managing complex litigation concerning reinsurance coverage responsibilities, we serve clients with many situations concerning reinsurance law.

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