Real Estate

Defaults and Foreclosures

We are a complete end to end default services vendor, offering our apartment, lender and loan servicing clients various default legal services. The firm serves as a one-stop conduit for comprehensive default legal services from loss mitigation to foreclosures/evictions and REO closings.  What sets Lueder, Larkin & Hunter apart from its competitors is our unique approach to customer service.  We provide our clients with immediate updates and status reports and a streamlined approach from start to finish.  Lueder, Larkin & Hunter provides customized solutions that eliminate legal risk for clients, reduce expenses, and shorten timelines.

Eliminate legal risk for clients, reduce expenses, and shorten timelines.

We are a fully integrated real estate default group including bankruptcy, litigation, and foreclosure services; capability to conduct foreclosures, bankruptcy proceedings, evictions and REO closings throughout Georgia and South Carolina.  We have experienced staff that is dedicated exclusively to the client.


We can manage the foreclosure process from start to finish. We will acquire clear and marketable title to the property in a cost-effective, expeditious and efficient manner. We ensure strict adherence to timeline requirements, and we facilitate reinstatement, when and if possible.

Loss Mitigation

We counsel our clients on loss mitigation services to help lenders reduce the number of accounts going into foreclosure and the number of accounts in default; encourage debtors/borrowers to preemptively contact lenders’ loss mitigation departments to swiftly resolve default matters; promote liberal use of repayment plans, short payoffs, deed in lieu of foreclosure, workout mortgage assumptions, and loan


Our lawyers provide comprehensive bankruptcy services in Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 proceedings; services include objections to confirmation, motions for relief from stay, motions for adequate protection payments and proofs of claim; handle complex adversarial and defense matters including lien avoidance, title claims, objections to proof of claim and stay violations; partner with lenders to promote loss mitigation by attending first meetings of creditors and through the thoughtful use of reaffirmation agreements, forbearance agreements, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and short sales.

Dispossessory Actions and Evictions

We expedite eviction of the tenant or borrower; strict compliance with applicable federal and local laws and regulations.

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Alpharetta Main Office p: 770-685-7000 f: 770-685-7002
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