Civil Litigation Defense

Coverage and Declaratory Judgment Actions

Insurers face many different high-exposure situations, all of which can have a considerable impact on the company’s bottom line. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter are acute aware of this, as well as the impact of legal costs for our clients, no matter the circumstance.  Our attorneys offer multi-faceted services to our insurance carrier clients on all insurance matters ranging from bad faith / extra-contractual litigation to first party claims to failure to defend.  We also file suit on behalf of carriers in declaratory judgment actions to assist the carrier in determining what, if any, obligation it owes to its insured.  Our attorneys have also defended carriers in claims against them filed by their insureds or third-parties involving personal and commercial insurance policies.

Decades of experience helping insurance companies resolve or avoid coverage disputes

Our attorneys analyze and interpret insurance policies and the factual scenarios faced by the carrier to provide confidential coverage opinions as well.  We have also drafted reservations of rights letters for our carriers when claims arise with particularly complex or egregious facts and/or law. Our attorneys have decades of experience helping insurance companies resolve or avoid coverage disputes as early in a case as possible.

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