Civil Litigation Defense

Construction and Construction Defect Litigation

Lueder, Larkin & Hunter provides legal counsel and representation for insurers, companies and other clients involved in disputes and litigation related to construction projects and contracts. From our Georgia offices in Buckhead and Alpharetta, as well as our Charleston office in South Carolina, our lawyers are ready to work with property owners, developers and construction firms to provide the experienced, cost-effective defense they have come to expect from top rated firms.

Experienced, cost-effective defense you have come to expect from top rated firms.

Lueder, Larkin and Hunter is also available to all our developer and owner clients to complete their real estate closings and drafting their covenants.

Construction Defect or Negligence and Indemnification Agreements

Whether you are a plaintiff, defendant, or insurance carrier, the attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter understand how important it is to resolve construction defect or negligence disputes and litigation matters quickly. We understand there is often a significant amount of money tied up in construction projects and if the property is tied up in litigation, it may have a catastrophic financial impact on all parties concerned. We are a team of no-nonsense, down-to-earth legal professionals who work hard to protect your best interests. We work to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom but if trial becomes necessary, you will have a team of successful courtroom lawyers aggressively protecting your rights.

Contractor, Subcontractor and/or Owner disputes

With both large and small construction projects, owners or general contractors typically hire subcontractors to complete different portions of the work. This is typically work of a specialized nature, which the general contractor isn't equipped to handle (such as plumbing, electrical, landscaping, or painting). The general contractor is the one who is responsible for the satisfactory completion of the overall project. If a subcontractor makes a mistake, or causes a delay, the general contractor is ultimately liable to the person who hired them. However, if they are sued for the mistakes of a subcontractor, they can turn to the subcontractor to either recover their losses or apportion the damages. Another example of a dispute may be when a land owner refuses to pay the contractors. This is usually when the landowner believes the contractor didn't perform satisfactorily under the terms of the contract. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have experience in dealing with these exact circumstances and are prepared to advise and represent our clients in this area. We are mindful of the cost of litigation and strive to resolve each client’s case to their complete satisfaction, including the ultimate billing on each matter.


In construction projects, occasionally a dispute will arise regarding the project’s insurance coverage. Insurance policies are often difficult to understand even for sophisticated and experienced business people.The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin and Hunter have represented numerous individuals and companies in disputes regarding the scope and priority of the insurance coverage for large and small construction projects. These issues may arise from any type of insurance policy, with examples ranging from general commercial liability insurance to property insurance to errors and omissions insurance. Whatever the nature of the insurance, the attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter assist our clients by insisting that their losses be properly compensated or the claims properly defended under their insurance contracts. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have helped individuals and companies assert their rights when an insurance broker or agent failed to deliver appropriate insurance coverage.

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