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Commercial and Common Carrier Liability

In 2012, there were 1,192 fatalities on Georgia’s roadways and 153 of these involved large trucks. Lueder Larkin & Hunter’s attorneys have extensive experience handling insurance claims, insurance coverage issues and subrogation for commercial and common carrier clients at every level of state and federal courts. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the personal attention and respect that your company deserves.

Our firm represents clients in the commercial trucking industry where we use a hands-on approach to defending claims arising from catastrophic accidents. The Commercial Trucking Practice Group has a thorough understanding of trucking practices, as well as the legal and regulatory issues governing the industry. Our attorneys regularly handle a broad variety of issues that are ever-present in the industry, including negligent hiring and retention, hours of service, Engine Control Module (ECM) data, messaging and positioning equipment and data, DOT compliance and accident reconstruction.  Our ability to relate and explain these complex matters in simple understandable terms has contributed to our success in resolving disputes and winning jury trials on the state and federal levels.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the personal attention and respect that your company deserves.

Our attorneys work with teams of experienced investigators who specialize in the collection and analysis of accident evidence, as well as experts in the areas of human factors and toxicology. Together, we evaluate the physical and human factors that can contribute to the cause of an accident. We are experienced in the management of on-scene accident investigations and the preservation of physical evidence and data that are often crucial to a successful defense.  Our transportation clients have enjoyed excellent case results through our handling of their matters.

All motor vehicle accidents can give rise to claims for property damage and injuries. Motor vehicle accidents involving commercial vehicles are even more likely to give rise to claims due to both physics and economics.  However, by the time suit is filed, the accident has been cleared away, the witnesses have dispersed and the truck driver has likely been interrogated, tested and possibly charged by law enforcement with responsibility for the accident.

To avoid that situation, a rapid response to the scene of the accident is critical. Our firm has experience in conducting scene investigations, relationships with local law enforcement officials and contact with several accident reconstruction experts. When we are called upon at the time of the accident and can visit the scene before it is disturbed, our chances for a successful defense of any claims that arise later is much greater.  Having a rapid response team available in advance is a key to successfully defending claims and to protecting the interests of both the commercial carrier and its drivers.

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