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Automobile Liability (PIP/PD/BI/UM)

In 2012, there were 32,420 car accidents in DeKalb County, Georgia alone.  Of these, more than 10,000 people were injured and 76 people were killed.  Automobile accidents, unfortunately, are extremely prevalent throughout this state.  The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have decades of experience handling claims in both personal and commercial lines at all stages of the claim.

We strive to accomplish our goals with a mindful eye towards litigation costs.

We represent businesses, large and small, as well as individuals both pre-suit and throughout litigation, including trial and appeal. We can be contacted immediately after the wreck to ensure proper scene investigation and retention of evidence.  We can walk our clients through all pre-litigation efforts to resolve the claim, if appropriate, including mediation.  If suit is filed, we conduct extensive discovery and investigation of all aspects of the case and provide timely client status updates.  We strive to accomplish our goals with a mindful eye towards litigation costs.

Personal Injury, ranging from soft tissue to Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death

We understand that prolonged litigation can have negative financial consequences for our clients. We attempt to resolve cases in the most economical and expeditious manner possible. We know what is at stake for our clients and have the experience and resources to handle all ranges of personal injury cases in a timely and cost-effective manner. However, many personal injury cases, especially those involving catastrophic injury are protracted. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter keep our clients updated on the status of their cases and about what decisions are to be made in each one. While our firm is large enough to effectively handle a wide variety of cases from a diverse client base, we are also small enough to provide custom-made attention, which each and every client deserves from a law firm.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Liability

The “opposing” party in these cases is the carrier’s own insured. Our attorneys are adept at handling the delicate relationship between the claimant and the carrier. We are experienced in taking UM cases from the claims stage all the way through trial and appeal, including allegations of bad faith.

Property Damage and Subrogation

Insurance providers and self-insured businesses may be held liable for property damage claims arising from car accidents and some times, this damage can be extensive. Property damage claims can involve complex litigation, requiring experienced attorneys familiar with the carriers’ policy and complex litigation in order to protect the client’s best interests. The attorneys at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter have experience in representing insurance carriers and self-insured businesses throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama (in state and federal courts) that are facing property damage liability claims.

PIP – Personal Injury Protection coverage

While not mandatory coverage in the State of Georgia, many carriers offer and many motorists elect to have this optional coverage under their policies of insurance. Our firm has extensive experience with litigation involving claims for PIP benefits, including wage loss claims, rental reimbursement and other such benefits.

First and Third Party Bad Faith

Our attorneys specialize in defending all types of bad faith claims. These include first party, third party and UM bad faith claims. Insurance carriers in Georgia are uniquely susceptible to bad faith claims in the ever-changing case law and recently enacted statutory provisions. Our attorneys are experience din representing both the individual insured/tortfeasor who may be exposed to an excess judgment as a result of alleged bad faith on the part of the insurer as well as representing the insurer in defense of such claims.

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